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28 Jun 2017

Raisin and Honey Bars

If you love yourself some chewy desserts with a lot of raisins, soft touch of cinnamon and ginger, then our Raisin and Honey bars are your new favourite.

rasines honey bars

They are born like biscuits but their calling is to be a splendorous dessert. You can take a pack of 250 g whenever you need a sweet escape. Or you can gift them to your favourite person for their birthday, together with our Double chocolate biscuits, or just make everybody in the office happy with our great combination that makes a Biscuit Teambuilding.

Raisin and Honey Bars

You can surely think of million other events that would be a perfect fit for our Raisin and honey bars for one and the same reason: they are very, very tasty.

Carefully packaged in suitable bags that preserve the authentic taste, aroma, and humidity, they are the best companion you can take on the road with you.

Raisin and Honey Bars


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