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26 Jun 2017

Butter Tea Biscuits

butter cockies

They’re light, tender and crunchy. They also smell like heaven: butter and vanilla. Whenever they’re around, the world seems simpler, tastier, lovelier. Their package is tailor-made for everyday walks, so you can have them on-the-go, wherever you are.

Aside from being a delicate support to your needs, these biscuits are your powerful ally for tackling all kinds of events. You’re in need of an easy and delicious solution to your kid’s birthday celebration at the kindergarten or at school? Or you’d maybe want to treat your office buddies with something special? Something that doesn’t require any special serving method and it’s convenient even for snacks saved for later?
Our Butter Tea Biscuits are just the right choice.

butter cockies

They love to be dipped in milk, tea, or coffee. We’re sure they won’t say ‘no’ to a hot chocolate.

You can also gift them to your loved one for a special occasion or maybe when you’re sending somebody off on a trip, even someone you just want to make happy with the taste of real butter biscuits. The kind that your grandma would bake for you.

They don’t contain any conservatives nor additives, no traces of nuts, chocolate chips, nor strong aroma. All that makes them a choice suitable for children. They can even carry them at school for breakfast, in their backpacks on a hike, or to just keep a pack in the cupboard to grab for a quick and tasty snack.

butter cockies

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