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24 Jul 2017

Double chocolate and walnuts biscuits

Double chocolate biscuits

Exactly how chocolaty could any biscuits be?
The answer is: a lot!
Ours are made of natural chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa, and walnuts. They’re big, crunchy, and with their intense flavour they’re any chocoholic’s best friend.

Maybe we’ll be repeating ourselves while talking about chocolate but it’s unavoidable when it comes to these biscuits.  

Double Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits

We could even go overboard when suggesting that you dip them in hot chocolate. We know very well that a person needs that from time to time. Choose a suitable quantity of biscuits according to your bag size and be calm enough to have something tasty and chocolaty on hand at any given moment. Whether it’s for your own support, to treat some friends, or just like that, because you have to. Of course, our Double chocolate and walnuts biscuits are a perfect solution when you want to impress your guests. Whether they’re your closest friends or you’re throwing a big party, those biscuits are at your disposal. Put in small plate, in large plates, arranged on special stands, they’re a beautiful and tasty touch.

Double Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits

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