About Mr Hruples

Mr Hruples. Handmade biscuits

We’re skilled bakers and pastry chefs. We use best-in-class ingredients that we mix into batter using professional methods, then bake it immediately in order to deliver an outstanding biscuit experience. 

Mr Hruples bakes both classic recipe biscuits and modern ones that will surprise you, serving every occasion and mood of yours. 


Mr Hruples is a brand owned by Take a Cake Ltd. We use our experience with Take a Cake to offer you another focused brand - this time in the category of high-quality handmade biscuits. 

Our two bakeries are located in the heart of Sofia’s centre. There you can see for yourself how we make the dough and bake it straight away.

Take a Cake Ltd. owns the brand Take a Cake®, trademark on EU territory that focuses on cupcake and muffin production, and marketing. Since its founding in the beginning of 2011, Take a Cake® sells on the territory of Sofia. Since the launch of its online store in middle of 2012, Take a Cake develops its multi-channel marketing model. Take a Cake®’s online store accepts orders from all over Bulgaria, as well as from abroad. We deliver in Sofia.

Maintaining its main focus, Take a Cake® develops special product lines such as Cupcake Art, Cupcake Set, Mini (party-sized) Cupcake, Branded Cupcake etc., as well as services such as own delivery service in Sofia, Take a Cake Wedding, and Take a Cake Corporate.

In September 2014 Take a Cake Ltd. opened its second bakery, also located in the heart of Sofia.

In 2017 Take a Cake Ltd. launched its new brand Mr Hruples.